Hon Judge Delgado

2013 National CASA Judge of the Year | 17th Judicial District

Program: CASA of Adams and Broomfield Counties
Location: Brighton, CO

The quality that makes Judge Kathy Delgado stand out above the rest is her clear and obvious passion for children. She brings a spirit of collaboration and a sense of heart to the juvenile courts, and treats children and youth with kindness, dignity and respect.

Judge Delgado routinely introduces programs that are new, innovative and untested. Others may come to the table with skepticism, but her passion ultimately wins them over.

One of Judge Delgado’s first ground-breaking initiatives was to encourage youth and adolescents to attend court so that their voices may truly be heard. Under her leadership, abused and neglected children are now given a true voice in court, a sense of empowerment, and an understanding of the processes that often control their lives. Judge Delgado takes away the scariness of the judge and the courts. She helps children better understand the process through welcoming practices including holding “Kids & Judges Days,” when children can relax in an informal environment.

A true friend and supporter of the CASA program, Judge Delgado not only helps recruit, swear-in and honor volunteers, she also ensures that the CASA program is always at the table and involved in projects that involve abused and neglected children. Through her actions and her words, Judge Delgado demonstrates her unwavering commitment to the well-being of children in her court.