CASA Stories

Alison Wilcox

In her nine years of volunteering with CASA of Los Angeles, Alison Wilcox has passionately advocated for, and changed, the lives of 10 children. When she first joined CASA, Alison was a recent retiree looking to give back to the community using skills she had developed as an administrator.

Ann Marie Foley Binsner

Ann Marie Foley Binsner is a stunning example of both an efficient manager and a passionate advocate. She has woven together fiscal responsibility, best practices, bridge-building, and awareness-raising in her work as director of CASA/Prince George’s County.

Christina Harrison

Seeing the impact that a CASA volunteer had on one little boy convinced Christina to make CASA her life’s work.
A chance encounter with a little boy and his CASA volunteer brought new direction in the course of Christina Harrison’s life.

Courtney La Prince

Courtney La Prince entered the foster care system after being abandoned by her mother when she was 10 years old. Driven to succeed and supported by a volunteer from CASA of Prince George’s County, Courtney recently graduated from Moore College of Art and Design with a degree in graphic design.

Gordon Elkins

Gordon’s strategy worked. One month after becoming Angel’s advocate, Gordon received a call from Angel’s social worker, excitedly asking: What have you done to Angel? We just had our first conversation ever!

Honorable Judge Delgado

The quality that makes Judge Kathy Delgado stand out above the rest is her clear and obvious passion for children. She brings a spirit of collaboration and a sense of heart to the juvenile courts, and treats children and youth with kindness, dignity and respect.

Linda Wright

With the approach of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the contributions of CASA volunteers like Linda Wright who make mothers’ - and children’s - dreams come true.

Lindsey King

Before she became director of CASA for Kids Inc, Columbia County (OR), before she was a volunteer with CASA of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado, Lindsey King was a little girl in need of help.

Mary Strutts

“Fortunate,” “blessed,” “nurtured.” Sadly, these are not the words that many former foster youth use to describe their upbringing.

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Michael Estrella

I like to say that I live off karma, doing good where I can and hoping it comes back around. But I’ve also been helped by many people along the way. One of them was my CASA volunteer, Kevin Richards.

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Monica Lopez

Monica works an administrative job at a private school. She became a CASA volunteer to work more closely with kids who don’t have the same advantages as the children at her job.

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Mother Daughter Team

“But one day, when I had to go and check on my little guy at his school, he came through the door at the principal’s office and threw his arms around my neck and said, ‘I love you!’” Anice recalls of her first case.

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Randy Roland

Randy said that he joined the CASA of Collin County board after realizing that in law enforcement, they “put the bad guys away, but never see what happens to the victims.” He recognized that serving the CASA program would allow him to focus on aiding innocent victims.

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Richland County

The Richland County CASA Quarterbacks is a winning “team” of CASA volunteers committed to serving children and building the ranks of male volunteers. What began as a tight group of 13 advocates in 2005 has grown to a dedicated team 100 members strong—and still growing, with the addition of 10 new men each quarter.

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Sindy Finkelson

After she left law to become an adjunct professor, Sindy contacted CASA of Atlantic and Cape May Counties (NJ) and took the 30-hour volunteer training. The long wait to become a CASA volunteer ended suddenly, when Sindy was immediately assigned her first case.

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The Knox Family: A Portrait in Perseverance

The Knoxes own a big house in the wide open country spaces outside Wichita, Kansas. It’s a perfect setting for someone who might be inclined to adopt a ready-made family of children in need.

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The Real Word

Candace, Rodney, Rosie and Ashlee tell their stories of growing up in foster care and the difference a CASA volunteer made in their lives. The Real Word is a group of courageous young people who live or have lived in the foster care system in San Diego County.

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  On June 8, 2013, Shelby Ringdahl was crowned Miss Missouri. She selected “CASA: Home, Safe, Home” as her personal platform. We asked Shelby about her connection to and passion for the CASA cause, and her journey to competing to become Miss America.

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